me (noangel01852) wrote in icon_essentials,

I'm a newbie here, so I wanted to say hi to everyone and share a few brush sites. I checked out the memories, and I didn't see these brush sites listed, so I'm listing them now, and if they were listed, I'm really sorry I missed seeing them =/

insomniac brushes

She makes really nice brushes. She currently has 40 sets of brushes for Photoshop 6 or higher. She also has stamps in which you can remake the brushes in paintshop. There's some really nice star sparkles brushes and some screen brushes as well.

Vanilla Dreams

Another site that has amazing brushes! I use her brushes a lot. She currently has 138 sets of brushes for Photoshop. There are 7 pixel sets and 30 different swirls sets and lots more! There's even 6 animanga sets.

I hope I posted everything okay. Don't wanna make a mistake my first time around =P
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