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A Note From the Moderator

A quick apology to everyone here. I have been un able to obtain time to maintain this community properly while also not being able to make any contribution to this place graphically.

However, just cause I am not here does not mean you can go off and break the rules. So please don't.....however if you wish to give forth some ideas to make this community better I am more than willing to hear it.

If you have any ideas that you wish to put forward you may post a comment here, e-mail me, IM me or even add my journal and talk through that.

Contact Details :
E-mail :
AIM : hippunkrocker

I apologize even more dearly to the people who applied and haven't received a response. I still have some of the applications but since my computer was formatted a lot of the saved applications have disappeared. So if you submit a application twice I wont mind

Again I emphasize the point, please feel free to get to know me and add my journal budlik as you please.

thanking you,
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